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Create your own Skills Audit

Create your own Skills Audit


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Create your own Skills Audit

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What is personal skills audit?

A skills audit is a written document that clearly lays out all the skills you currently have and how advanced those skills are. It will also document what skills you need for your dream career, where the gaps are in your skill set and how you gain the skills you need.


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Make A List of Your Skills

Prepare a list of skills you have gained through expetience education and training.


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Rate your expertise for each of the skills

Rate, How advanced is your skills on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of these disciplines.


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Write a list of jobs you would like to have

List them all, it’s important to know which direction you would like to take your career in.


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Identify the skills required to do those jobs

FInd job descriptions and identify what the requirements are to be successful in these roles.


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Spot any gaps.

Spot any gaps between the skills you have, and the skills required to do your dream job


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Look at what you need to do to develop the skills

Consider, education, training and on the job experience to improve and develop your skills.


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Set yourself deadlines

Being strict with yourself on when you would like to have achieved certain things will help you stay on course


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Keep the plan visible

This will help you stay motivated.


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