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Agile Makes No Sense

Agile Makes No Sense


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Agile Makes No Sense

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Agile Makes No Sense

Agile doesn’t feel intuitive in many settings because Agile is, focused on sustainability and long-term viability. The benefits are not immediate, and in the short term, you’ll likely experience some discomfort and dissonance. 

If short-termism is your thing (and to most humans it is), a deep focus on Agile isn’t your best hammer (but some blind sprinting may be).


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Astute observers quickly realize that agility on the team level is but one part of the puzzle. Even when Agile on the team-level makes sense, you need that other part to make sense. The rest of the org was probably the blocker in the first place.

Once you come to grips with the idea that Agile makes no sense, you can start doing a better job of advocating for experimenting with well known Agile patterns. 


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What is the smallest thing that could add value (and make sense)? A better standup? A better retrospective? Inviting a customer to a demo? Pairing for a day? Agreeing to get something into product in a couple days? Try that. 

Make one thing make sense as in “wow, I can see how that created value”.


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