The Anatomy of a Perfect Discovery Call - Deepstash
Questions are fundamental to the selling process

Where many salespeople fail is listening to the response of their question. If you’re too focused on what you’re going to ask next, you aren’t having a conversation, you’re running through a checklist.

Customers don’t care about features! They care about figuring out if you can actually help. Decisions are made emotionally first and then justified rationally. Don’t give them the solution before you fully understand their problem.


  • Preparation. Do research on the person you’ll be speaking with.
  • Strong opener to set the tone: The best start to a sales call accomplishes three things: sets the expectations of what will be accomplished and the time allotted to meet.
  • Confirm the Agenda, Ask about their Goals. This helps the customer realize this is going to be a 2-way conversation, and help the customer feel like they’re in control.
  • Diagnose before Prescribing: SPIC: Ask them questions to understand their Situation first — then lead into questions that help clarify their Pain, and desired Impact.
  • Prescription and Wrap.


Share a relevant use-case or customer story that pertains to the situation and pain you just summarized.

The key is making sure your use case is relevant, and matches to a pain they are currently facing that you just identified. Know customer stories that you can share through a story.


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