Creative Ways to Navigate a Career That Starts in Sales - Sales Hacker - Deepstash
Creative Ways to Navigate a Career That Starts in Sales - Sales Hacker

Creative Ways to Navigate a Career That Starts in Sales - Sales Hacker


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Creative Ways to Navigate a Career That Starts in Sales - Sales Hacker

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  • SDR - Sales development representatives / sales team members
  • BDR - Business development representative
  • CS - Customer Service
  • CSM - Customer Success Manager
  • PS - Professional Services
  • RevOps - Revenue Operations
  • PM - Project Manager


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Many people who are promoted out of an SDR or BDR role often choose to continue their career in the traditional sales positions which is perfectly logical but it's also important to keep in mind that that isn't the only way to go.

Today, we explore 4 different career paths you can take coming from SDR and BDR roles. 


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SDRs for Customer Success Representatives

The skills that you have developed as an SDR will translate seamlessly over CSM roles. CSMs are usually the first line of people who clients talk to once after the deal has been closed.

With the skills you've hones as an SDR, you'll be able to display your sales skills here through renewals, upsells, and other expansion opportunities.

Remember, before entering this field you must be resolved in being a passionate listener, a problem solver, and a proactive individual.


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SDRs for Professional Services Roles

SDRs have the advantage when it comes to professional service roles (CS and PS roles). Having interacted with customers even becoming qualified leads, SDRs thoroughly understand their company, industry, the pains and solutions.

SDRs perform a ton of research and this invaluable information for professional service teams can be useful in aiding clients in making sure that they are able to use the product to their fullest advantage.


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SDRs for Marketing/Advertising

How are SDRs capable of being in the marketing or advertising industry? Simply because of the following reasons:

  1. An SDR is armed with the two values that are at the heart of marketing's asset creation: empathy and a customer-centric approach.
  2. Most SDRs are already equipped with the knowledge of handling collaterals developed by marketing such as: case studies, white papers, and webinars.

Having a certain familiarity with the industry places SDRs in a position where they can contribute much to the creation of marketing collateral.


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SDRs for RevOps Roles

RevOps managers are tasked with integrating the efforts of the sales, marketing, and service departments to allow better end-trend view of a company's revenue-producing cycles.

The SDR fits as a shoo-in for this position mainly because while RevOps look at the end-result of having the clients, SDRs come with the experience of creating the potential for the qualified lead to turn into a client.

Moreover, SDRs sit at the pinnacle of researching the customer's backgrounds, organizational structures, and industry positioning.


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