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Dear Young People Looking for a Career — Do This

Dear Young People Looking for a Career — Do This

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How to find a career

How to find a career

Many people say they don’t like to work or that they are not good at anything.

Individuals assume there is one purpose you need to find and are meant to do for the rest of your life. But you may not have an ideal job. However, there are ways to make a start.


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Pick one of your hobbies and do it for one month

Something unwise to say is "I have a passion for ....". If you have not been doing it for years, through the ups and downs, you don't have a passion for it, you have an interest.

You don't have a passion for something. You earn a passion for something. If you can do it for 31 day, you have a good career indicator 


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Go meta on your abilities

If you want to do something, drill down as to why you want to do it. 

You will find that in the process, your career has widened. It's easy to get stuck on a job. When you focus on your abilities, you open up infinite career options.


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Don't get a job

Test to see what works for you, then go all-in on your favourite or most profitable option.

Absorb what other people know


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Absorb what other people know

Every person you meet is an expert at something. So ask them what they love, and soak up whatever information you can.

You may learn more about business in 10 hours of Skype calls than in 3 years of working at an actual company. 


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Become a padawan learner

  • Find someone who does what you want to do.
  • Offer up your abilities to them for free 
  • Ask specific questions about their industry. 


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