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How to travel on a budget

How to travel on a budget


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How to travel on a budget

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There seems to be a common global misconception that going on vacation will automatically drain your bank account. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case if you plan accordingly.

By following the 8 tips below you might be surprised just how affordable your next trip can be.


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Utilise Off Peak TRAVEL

1. Utilise Off-Peak Travel times to your advantage

Travelling during less popular seasons may not sound ideal. However, during these times, you can find rates for flights and accommodations for as low as  ⅓ of high season cost.


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Stay In Hostels

2. Stay in Hostels

While you may have to sacrifice a bit of comfort here, choosing to stay in a hostel is one of the most cost effective ways to stretch your dollar. From mixed dorms to private rooms, options with this accommodation style are plentiful. Just make sure to read reviews carefully to know what you’re getting yourself into -- is a great place to start.

Bonus: Some hostels even have free breakfast, so you can save money on food as well.


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Shop At Local Markets

3. Shop at Local Markets

One of the top noted travel expenses by individuals is food. Shopping at the local markets or neighbourhood grocery stores is a great start to keep your wallet (and your tummy) happy.

Tip: Certain hostels will have communal kitchens to utilise to make this even easier. You can also bring snacks and necessities from home -- I travel with a mini French Press and ground coffee to feed my caffeine addiction on the go.


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Choose Experience

4. Choose Experiences over Souvenirs

Although it is tempting to buy a memento in remembrance of your trip, sacrificing souvenirs will save you money and be able to fund the reason why you are travelling in the first place: to explore and discover a new destination.

Bonus: Experts say that choosing experiences over materialistic items is proven to make you happier in the long run anyways.


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Let Destination Choose You

5. Let the Destination choose you

Be flexible with where you are going and choose a location that you may have not considered before based on a flight or travel deal. Google Flights has a great feature that allows you to check out easy flight paths from your location while plainly laying out starting prices.

Tip: It does help if you choose a general vicinity on the map that fits within your budget. For example, Southeast Asia and Central/South America are well known regions that are affordable for travellers in-country.


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Travel Light

Challenge yourself to limiting the amount of stuff you bring to fit in a carry on to avoid hefty airline baggage fees.


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Use Public Transport

7. Walk & Use Public transport

If you make a point to not use Uber or Grab in your home life to save a few bucks, implement this practice when you travel too. Worried about getting lost in a foreign destination? That can be half the fun, and you may also find a new place you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Of course, walking isn’t always the most sensible option. Nowadays most places are equipped with public transport options that are still cheaper alternatives to private hire.


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Take Advantage Of Free

8. Take Advantage of all things FREE

Many places around the world offer free attractions and events. Such as, museums, live entertainment, and walking tours. To find them, usually a quick search on the destination’s local tourism website should give you all the details you need.

Travelling the world doesn’t always have to break the bank, and the above suggestions are aimed to assist in saving your money and staying within budget when abroad.


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