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A Silent Killer In Our Daily Lives

Formaldehyde, used in some foods, medicines, cosmetics and pressed-wood products, is a ubiquitous cancer-causing chemical.


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What Is Formaldehyde?

  • A strong-smelling colorless gas.
  • It belongs to the class of aldehydes , and is the simplest aldehyde.
  • It is used in many industries, from food to medical industry and hygiene to building industry.
  • Chemically, it is relatively unstable, broken down in air within hours.
  • Dissolved in water, it Is called formalin.


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Sources of formaldehydes

  • Pressed-wood products: e.g. particleboard, plywood
  • glues and adhesives 
  • permanent-press fabrics 
  • coatings in paper products 
  • insulation materials 
  • industrial disinfectants
  • preservatives used in labs and funeral homes 
  • preservatives used in foods, antiseptics, medicines, and cosmetics. 


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More surprising sources of formaldehydes

  • Formaldehyde can be produced when you cook and smoke foods. 
  • It is also found naturally in the environment.
  • Humans and some other living organisms also produce it as a result of normal metabolism . 


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