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How to Make Cross Functional Teams Work - Department of Product

How to Make Cross Functional Teams Work - Department of Product


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Cross-Functional Teams

Cross-functional teams are made up of people from different functional areas within a company. These teams can take many forms but they're designed to be working groups that improve coordination and integration, span organizational boundaries, and reduce the prodution cycle time in new product de...

Benefits of having a Cross-Functional Team

  • Cross-functional collaborations bring out fresh perspectives
  • There is adequate communication between each team member and those who have certain questions about something that is unfamiliar to them they can easily reach the person with experience in said topic
  • Cross-functiona...

Cross-Functional Standups and Discovery Workshops

This workshop is where we can look for key stakeholders that we can place in a room together for the specific purpose of ideating and defining the project objectives, requirements, and expected outcome.

Whilst the benefits of cross functional discovery workshops are clear, there's also a do...

Implementing Cross-Functional Teams

Cross functional teams are a modern take on what has always been at the heart of successful, productive companies; groups of people working together to achieve shared outcomes. However, if executed badly, these teams can feel like a pressure timebomb.

In order to execute it properly you mus...

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