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The Benefits of a Cross-Functional Product Team

The Benefits of a Cross-Functional Product Team

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Creating winning products

Creating winning products

The key to a successful product is a cross-functional team that supports every aspect of the Complete Product Experience (CPE). They understand their role in making the product successful and work towards fulfilling that role.

However, many companies do not understand the concept of a formal product team. Each group operates in a bubble. It may cause multiple difficulties such as:

  • Duplicate processes and tasks.
  • Teams are unwilling to accept others' solutions.
  • Not thinking how one action impacts the whole.
  • Tasks take forever.

This could lead to a product no one really wants.


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Strategy alignment

Delays are caused when people are unclear on what is a priority. Value for the company and customers come when you are able to prioritise what is most important.

Product team members become ambassadors of strategy and champion alignment in their functional groups and together.


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Customer focus

Product teams are organised around a specific customer need or value, not individual projects.

When problems arise, you can refocus people to the common objective and away from competing interests.


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Opportunity for innovation

Breakthrough ideas seldom come from individuals.

Bringing together a different and diverse group of people from multiple disciplines can lead to creative solutions.


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Iteration speed

Teams in an organisation have different priorities, causing multiple efforts to happen in parallel.

However, product teams share a purpose, making it easier to resolve bottlenecks or pivot.


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Problem solving

People with a different skill set may view a challenge from a new angle and offer solutions you might never have considered.

While few people want to attend a meeting they are not directly involved in, there is value in all groups hearing the same information.


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Medical sales representative


Making a case for the necessity of a formal product team.

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