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Ten common misconceptions about mental health.

Ten common misconceptions about mental health.



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1. Only Mentally Ill People Talk About Mental Health.

Mental health is a topic that affects all of us in different ways. You don’t need to be suffering from the symptoms of a mental illness before you show concern for yours. The stigma surrounding mental health awareness has to be completely eradicated for us to move forward as healthy individuals a...

2 People Suffering From Mental Illness Are Always Aware Of It.

Many people often assume that people who have mental illnesses always display obvious symptoms that they are conscious of. This is not always accurate often because people who may have the illness may see it as a normal way of life. It is important for everyone to pay attention to their mental st...

3. People Who Post About Mental Illness are attention seekers.

Sometimes, those that post online content that carry subliminal messages of depression or suicide are often leaving out a cry for help. Other people who may suffer from these symptoms may be too shy to express themselves in the open. Hence, it’s important to treat all people with care and kindnes...

4. Everyone Has Problems. So To Hell With Mental Health.

People are different. Some are more fragile than others, and because of this, we can’t expect everyone to take life the same way. Some people might be comfortable drinking and doing drugs after a breakup, others may just be sad for a while, and continue with life. A few might get swung into depre...

5. How I Look Is More Important Than How I Feel.

Tons of research done have shown that just a slight change in a person’s mood can cause or trigger stomach upset, migraines or even body pains. Several people have also testified that after a breakup or losing a loved one, they had the feeling of their heart actually breaking.

6. Being Sad Means You’re Or Depressed Or Have Anxiety

Sometimes, when we feel a certain way, we are quick to label ourselves as having some type of mental illness. This shouldn’t be so because it makes those who actually have these issues look really dumb. It needs to be stopped.

7. Sadness Is Aesthetic, And Depression Can be Fun.

Although I hate to admit it, even one of my formerly beloved shows, 13 Reasons Why, fell guilty of this claim. Hannah Baker, the protagonist, takes her life, and leaves a box of tapes containing her reasons why.

In the series, she looks like the Messiah who suddenly shows everyone the wrong...

8. Mental Illness Is A Way To Give Meaning To Your Life.

Factually, having a mental illness can never make you special. There are over 264 million people of all ages who suffer from depression today, and someone dies from suicide nearly every 40 seconds.

When differentiating those with mental illnesses from the fakes, It’s somet...

9. Having A Mental Illness Excuses You To Be An Asshole.

Several people think that having a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, excuses them to be assholes.

Having a mental illness should not make you unaccountable for yourself.

10. Mental Health Professionals Have Perfect Mental Health.

Your therapist is human too. She probably has a kid who she’s trying to talk out of doing crack, and she may feel stressed about her husband’s poor communication skills.

Someone being able to help you address some of your issues doesn’t mean they don’t have issues of their own. They might h...

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