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The Power of Silence


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The Power of Silence

by Graham Turner

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Noise has become our default setting, silence an ever more alien concept. 

Noise is an integral component of modern civilisation.

It is an evil with deep roots, it all goes with the spiritual disorientation of our time. 


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Why we love noise?

Noise is welcome because it drowns the inner instinctive warning. Fear seeks noisy company and pandemonium to scare away the demons. Noise, like crowds gives a feeling of security, therefore people love it, noise protects us frompainful reflections, it scatters our anxious dream. It assures that we are all in the same boat.


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  • Silence means that everything is still and safe. 
  • Silence is really a higher form of speaking, speaking without actually using words.
  • SIlence is wonderfully humble, it never interferes, never interrupts, never makes promises.
  • Silence is an ocean of untapped potential in which all of us can discover a new calm and creativity.
  • Silence is supposed to be a realm where we can hear god and get rid of all the stuff which gets in the way.
  • Stilling the tongue has a great value in itself. 
  • One lives, One die, so have a good time in between.


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Buddha Sayings

Don't believe anything I tell you, don't believe in religion or spiritual teachers, don't believe just because it's been written down somewhere but if after investigating, you find something beneficial in this, do your best to live upto it.

Man is created with two natures- the nature of flesh, with all its passion for eating, drinking, sleeping and all the rest - and then the nature of spirit. Here, in this lonely place, there is time to feed that spirit.

Those who claim to know, know nothing but those who say they don't know, know everything.


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