The Pomodoro Technique® - proudly developed by Francesco Cirillo - Deepstash
Pomodoro Technique
  1. Find out how much time an activity usually requires to predict how many Pomodoros it will take to accomplish it later.
  2. Set the timer to 25 min. & no interruptions! Stay focused!
  3. Give yourself a reward! Take a 5min. break away from study area!
  4. After 4 cycles take a longer break of 20min.!
  5. Make it more effective! Use the first (& last) few minutes to review what you’ve learned before.
  6. Set up a timetable according to your to-do’s to plan and organize better in the future!
  7. Don’t forget your own objectives! (Do you want to be faster? Or improve the quality of your work?)



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