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The Habit Of Rising Early

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I. How much time shall I allow myself for rest?

The answer is, that no rule of universal application can be given, as all persons do not require the same measure of sleep, and also the same persons, at different times, according to the strength or weakness of their body, may require more or less.

But my decided advice, at the same time, ...

II. But why should I rise early? Why can’t I stay longer in bed?

1. Waste of time, which is unbecoming a saint, who is bought by the precious blood of Jesus, with his time and all he has, to be used for the Lord. If we sleep more than is needful for the refreshment of the body, it is wasting the time with which the Lord has intrusted us as a talent, to be used...

To Stay In Bed Too Long Injures The Body

2. To remain too long in bed injures the body. Just as when we take too much food, we are injured thereby, so as it regards sleep. Medical persons would readily allow that the lying longer in bed than is needful for the strengthening of the body does weaken it.

Staying In Bed Too Long Injures The Soul

3. It injures the soul. The lying too long in bed not merely keeps us from giving the most precious part of the day to prayer and meditation, but this sloth leads also to many other evils. Any one need but make the experiment of spending one, two, or three hours in prayer and meditation before br...

III. But how shall I set about rising early?

1. Commence at once, delay it not. Tomorrow begin to rise.

2. But do not depend upon your own strength. This may be the reason why before this you may have begun to rise early, but have given it up. As surely as you depend upon your own strength in this matter, it will come to nothing. In e...

In Addition to The Above, Use the following means:

a. Go early to bed. If you stay up late, you cannot rise early. Let no society and no pressure of engagements keep you from going habitually early to bed. If you fail in this, you neither can nor ought to get up early, as your body requires rest. How much more important still is it to retire earl...

Let Someone Call You

Or procure, what is still better, an alarum, by which you may regulate almost to a minute the time when you wish to rise. Though I have very many times been awakened by the Lord, in answer to prayer, almost to the minute when I desired to rise; yet I thought it well to procure an alarum to assist...

Final Advices For Rising Early

c. Rise at once when you are awake. Remain not a minute longer in bed, else you are likely to fall asleep again.

d. Be not discouraged by feeling drowsy and tired in consequence of your rising early. This will soon wear off. You will after a few days feel yourself stronger and fresher than ...

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