Want to Write for a Living? The 7 Things I Wish I'd Known - Scott H Young - Deepstash
Want to Write for a Living? The 7 Things I Wish I'd Known - Scott H Young

Want to Write for a Living? The 7 Things I Wish I'd Known - Scott H Young


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Want to Write for a Living? The 7 Things I Wish I'd Known - Scott H Young

Your Audience is Your Most Valuable Asset

Success as a writer depends almost entirely on having a critical mass of people who want to read what you write.

A good general principle is not to try to sell anything (including writing a book) until you have 5000 regular readers. If that sounds like a lot, it should! Getting 5000 people to read your writing consistently isn’t easy—but it shows that you have something people are interested in. That’s why building your audience should be your priority.


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Many writers obsess over their style when they haven’t produced enough to have one yet.

One hundred essays is probably a good benchmark to hit before worrying about whether what you’re writing is good or not. Writing this much will also get you over your inhibitions about putting thought into text.


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Emulate the writing you enjoy reading. There are two reasons for this:

  • First, it’s next-to-impossible to write well in a style you don’t enjoy. A good piece to write is something you would choose to read.
  • Second, imitation can be a starting point for creative success.


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Two factors influence this insecurity. 

  • The first is that your taste inevitably outstrips your ability. You can always appreciate writing that is better, smarter, more thorough and incisive than your own. You get better as a writer—but improve even more as a reader. The confidence gap widens, even as your absolute abilities grow.
  • The second factor is that there is no end to mastery. You can always learn more about a topic.


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Success as a writer means navigating the ever-changing sea of systems, social media networks, and outlets people use to find success. 

While marketing alone won’t make you successful as a writer, it’s also true that an absence of this knowledge can be fatal.


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Most writing will never be read by anyone. Of what remains, the vast majority will stay confined to the narrow corner of the internet they were birthed into.

But a few pieces will travel widely. It only takes a few such pieces to build a career.


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It is rare to achieve success solely from writing.

However, writing can be a good tool for leveraging other opportunities. Sometimes that means landing a more prestigious job, getting on a cool start-up, or just meeting cool people. Being an engineer, accountant, or manager who also writes well is a powerful combo.


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