Understanding emotional intelligence: 10 ways to be emotionally intelligent. - Deepstash
Understanding emotional intelligence: 10 ways to be emotionally intelligent.

Understanding emotional intelligence: 10 ways to be emotionally intelligent.


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Understanding emotional intelligence: 10 ways to be emotionally intelligent.

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How To Be Emotionally Intelligent.

Without an emotionally intelligent mind, we will simply live our lives at the mercy of life.

Although, that’s already kind of how life works, but we have the power to control a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean ourselves.

Stephen Covey called this “a lot” our Circle of Influence in his best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Effective People.

Taking charge of our emotional intellect doubly causes to take charge of this Circle of Influence. And it will help us live an effective life with others and with ourselves.


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1. Constantly Educate Yourself.

Read books concerning emotional intelligence, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube videos.

You might not need to take all the advice you see on the internet because let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just a bunch of hooey. However, like they all say, and when I say “they”, I’m not exactly sure who. But, it’s the effort that counts.


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2. Invest Yourself Into Learning About Your Emotions.

Heck, start journaling. I know many people think you have to be a girl or be gay to write about your feelings, but that’s far from the truth.

Spending time with yourself will need to become a priority of yours, for you to figure out your emotions; what they do to you, and how they are going to work for you.


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3. Be Committed To Creating Yourself.

Okay, fine. You’ve decided that you want to be a more emotionally intelligent person.

You need to pay in the effort to study yourself day in and day out. Stay committed, okay. Stay. Stay. Don’t leave.


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4. Realize That The End Results Would Be Benefit You.

Sure, you might not really like yourself, and doing that is not compulsory in this task.

In the end, the results always rub off on you even though you don’t expect it or do it for yourself.


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5. Study The Behaviours Of Emotionally Intelligent People.

Look around your immediate environment. Who do you notice that embodies the characteristics of someone who is emotionally intelligent, huh?

There’s got to be someone, look harder. Anyway, I’d leave you to do that until you find someone. But when you do, stalk this person, and I don’t mean in a way that’d get you arrested by the police. I mean, just pay attention to their behaviours for those key details, and learn every single one of them.


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6. Learn To Accept The Truth.

Sometimes, we know the truth, but because it’s true, we ignore it. Why? Well, the truth fucking hurts. It sucks for someone to tell you the only reason you’re liked is because of your money, so we ignore it and think it’s because we’re superb-looking when that differs from reality.

Learn from places you’d least expect to learn from. When someone disagrees with your beliefs, you may not always need to fight back with all the fire and brimstone you can gather.


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7. Be Honest To Yourself.

Honesty to others may be the best policy. But do you know what’s an even better policy? Honesty to oneself. This is because it’s harder to tell everyone the truth when you are the living manifestation of a lie.

If you are honest about your strengths and weaknesses, with your emotional intelligence, you will learn at a faster rate.


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8.Aim To Be A Dope Ass Strong Ass Emotionally Strong Person.

Have you ever fantasized about being untouchable; envisioning yourself as this impenetrable brick wall of character that people can’t fuck with no matter how hard they try.

Well, you can get there. All you need to do is to make that first step to developing a higher EQ.


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9. Take Emotional Unintelligence As A Malnourishment.

Emotional intelligence is a state you get to when you have eaten enough emotional veggies.

When you are emotionally malnourished, you crash and burn when anything puts a strain on you. While those who have digested enough emotional veggies get to draw on the strength gotten from the emotional reserve, and be strong in the face of an adversary. Eat your veggies, kids.


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10. Stop Expecting To Be Perfect.

None of us are perfect. Everything that’s existing in the world today is because of imperfect human beings like you and me, proposing our assumptions of how things ought to be. And I can’t even name how many of these assumptions are biased towards our feelings and emotions.


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