Understanding Emotional Intelligence: 10 ways to know whether you are emotionally intelligent. - Deepstash
Understanding Emotional Intelligence: 10 ways to know whether you are emotionally intelligent.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence: 10 ways to know whether you are emotionally intelligent.


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Understanding Emotional Intelligence: 10 ways to know whether you are emotionally intelligent.

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What Is Emotional intelligence?

This is also known as EQ. It is less popular than “fluid or crystallized” intelligence or IQ, which is estimated to determine roughly 20 percent of a person’s success in life.

However, this doesn’t make EQ less important.

A person who has a substantial EQ is very much relevant in today’s world, maybe even over one with a higher IQ.

Whoever made us structured the human brain to function in a way that makes us make impressively stupid decisions. That you are an emotional wreck is normal. You don’t need to freak out.

Here are ten ways to know if you are emotionally intelligent:


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2. You Don’t Feel The Need To Always Be Right.

Someone who is emotionally intelligent knows that he/she is not a knower of all. These people don’t feel the need to over substantiate their points in an argument. They are careful listeners, and they know when it’s time to let go of a stance when it seems doubtful.


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3. You Understand Consent.

To be emotionally intelligent means being skilled at taking no for an answer. They know that not everyone may agree with the way they think the universe should work; they sleep well at night knowing this.

Someone does not smother their egos when a contradictory statement is made about them.


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4. You Are Not Easily Swayed By Words.

The words of others don’t easily sway emotionally intelligent people. They carefully weigh uncommon knowledge against their standards of reasoning before giving it a chance to influence them. Advertising gimmicks, or the alluring words of a suitor, do not easily fool them.


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5. You Are Unhurried To Anger

If Esther was emotionally intelligent, she wouldn’t have slammed her phone on the floor immediately after she found out Cynthia had more Instagram followers than she does.

Now, Cynthia not only has to deal with a bruised ego but a bruised phone as well.

Anger is not a bad thing. However, when mismanaged, it often leads to chaos.


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6. You Can Postpone Gratification.

In responding to others in real-life situations, only few people have the patience to suppress the fury of their emotions. Postponing gratification prevents you from picking fights with unpleasant people, only to realize you were at fault


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7. You Are A Realistic Goal-setter.

When you have a goal and you don’t plan for it; it’s merely a wish. Emotionally intelligent people are more likely to have the coordination to plan critically for the future, despite spur-of-the-moment distractions. They don’t do things because regular people are doing them. The only things they involve themselves in are those things they genuinely care about.


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8. You Know When And How To Apologize.

Emotionally sound people know when they’ve made a blunder, and they sincerely apologize for it. However, many people lack this simple skill in today’s world.

Parents have too much of an ego to spare to enable them to apologize for mistreating his/her kids. This is not a sign of high EQ.


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9. You Have Empathy

“Who you speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying,” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

An emotionally intelligent person is very sensitive to social cues. They can easily notice strange behavior in a friend or partner without being told.

It is also in their nature to connect to those who are in pain or are suffering.


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10. You Are Assertive Without Being Disrespectful.

One key sign of an emotionally intelligent person is that he/she has great self-respect. They can stand up for themselves if someone treats them against their will. Emotionally intelligent people are also sensitive against threats to their sense of self and do well to guide themselves.


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1. You Consider Alternatives Before Taking Major Steps.

Emotionally intelligent people are the contrary. They are skilled in selecting alternatives based on their principles. Also, if they make wrong choices, as everyone does at some point, they dare to live with their blunders.


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