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Use These Phrases to Sound More Emotionally Intelligent

Use These Phrases to Sound More Emotionally Intelligent


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The Cornerstone Of Emotional Intelligence

The cornerstone of emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, evaluate, interpret, and manage emotions — both your own and those of others — and use those insights to drive positive action. This sensibility can improve everything from communication and personal relationships to effectiven...

"I'm Listening" / "I Hear You"

The person you're talking to will feel more validated and valued if you confirm that they have your undivided attention.

Pair this with some eye contact and maybe a nod frpm time to time

"Tell Me More"/"Can You Tell Us More About That?"

This signals your commitment to the conversation and and your desire to gain clarity minus any judgment.

Effective communicators don’t pretend they know things when they don’t, or make another person feel stupid for not expressing themselves clearly.

"I Appreciate You"

While there’s nothing wrong with praise like, “looks good” or “thank you,” saying you appreciate the human being behind the work adds an extra layer of gratitude and facilitates stronger relationships down the road

If this is too far out of your comfort zone, start with its sister phrase, “...

"I Trust You"

indicates a fundamental confidence in the decisions and abilities of another person, allowing them to deliver results and build personal morale.

People generally perform better when they’re supported and believed in, rather than micromanaged or overly questioned.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Emotionally intelligent people don’t censor ideas, steamroll feedback, or presume they know more than everyone else. They don't feel insecure and they know they don't have anything to prove.

"I'm Afraid I Have A Different Opinion

Being emotionally intelligent means neither creating unnecessary drama nor shying away from differences of opinion.

If your thoughts don’t mesh with your co-workers', rather than remaining silent you can say something like “I'm afraid I don’t agree” or leading with a cloying, “With all due...

"Is Everything Ok?

If someone who is usually reliable isn’t performing to their standards, put disappointment aside for a moment and genuinely ask them of they're all right. They might have a perfectly acceptable reason.

"I'm Sorry"

Far from being a sign of weakness, the ability to apologise is a hallmark trait of an emotional intelligent person. Recognising mistakes, taking responsibility, and showing remorse and a desire to do better are the foundational elements of productive personal-relationship-building.


"Thanks For (Your) Understanding

Resist the tendency to over-apologise. This doesnt make you sound sorry at all. Instead, it makes you sound like everything's centred on you and your feelings

Instead of saying sorry about everyhting, try thanking someone the other person for their understanding. This shifts the fo...

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