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Mind Map Templates and Examples

Mind Map Templates and Examples


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Mind Map Templates and Examples

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Tony Buzan -Inventor of Mindmapping

Normal linear note-taking and writing will put you into a semi-hypnotic trance, while mind mapping will greatly enhance your left and right brain cognitive skills.”


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Blank mind map template

This is the default starting point for any mindmap.


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Simple mind map template

Mind maps can become quite expansive and elaborate. To simplify, start with a simple mind map template.


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Identity mind map template

Create a self-identity mind map that's unique to you. Add in your hobbies, talents, relationships, physical characteristics, and elements that define who you are and highlight what sets you apart from others.


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Brainstorming mind map template

A mind map to visualize brainstorms. One solid topic can start a chain reaction of related ideas that'll lead to your next big innovation.


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Bubble mind map template

Use the bubble mind map to chart out your concepts and ideas.


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Food mind map template

Use it to map out the courses for an upcoming dinner party or to ensure that you have eaten enough protein, vegetables, etc. as part of a balanced diet.


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Photography mind map template

Use this template to answer: What makes a successful photographer? What elements should you consider with each photograph you take?


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Psychology mind map template

You can use this to map out to better understand different schools of thought and applications. 


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Music mind map template

You can use it as a starting point to map out a specific genre of music and its characteristics.


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Chemistry mind map template

Consider using this design to help you memorize and understand any chemistry topic.


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Art mind map template

Use this template to understand and visualize an artistic concept.


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