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The Happiness Advantage Summary

About The Happiness Advantage Book

INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER An engaging, deeply researched guide to flourishing in a world of increasing stress and negativity—the inspiration for one of the most popular TED Talks of all time

“Powerful [and] charming . . . A book for just about anyone . . . The philosophies in this book are easily the best wire frames to build a happy and successful life.”—Medium

Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it is the realization that we can.

Our most commonly held formula for success is broken. Conventional wisdom holds that once we succeed, we’ll be happy; that once we get that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But the science reveals this formula to be backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.
Research shows that happy employees are more productive, more creative, and better problem solvers than their unhappy peers. And positive people are significantly healthier and less stressed and enjoy deeper social interaction than the less positive people around them.
Drawing on original research—including one of the largest studies of happiness ever conducted—and work in boardrooms and classrooms across forty-two countries, Shawn Achor shows us how to rewire our brains for positivity and optimism to reap the happiness advantage in our lives, our careers, and even our health. His strategies include:
The Tetris Effect: how to retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility so we can see and seize opportunities all around us
Social Investment: how to earn the dividends of a strong social support network
The Ripple Effect: how to spread positive change within our teams, companies, and families
By turns fascinating, hopeful, and timely, The Happiness Advantage reveals how small shifts in our mind-set and habits can produce big gains at work, at home, and elsewhere.

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The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

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1.Success and happiness

1.Success and happiness

  • The rulling powers continue to tell us that if we just put our nose to the grindstone and work hard now, we will be successful, and therefore happier, in some distant future.
  •  As we work towards our goals, happiness is either irrelevant or an easily dispensable luxury or a reward only to be won after a lifetime of toil.
  • Some even treat it as a weakness, a sign that we're not working hard enough.


2.Changing your mindset

2.Changing your mindset

  • According to Einstein's Special Theory of Rulativity, many of the seemingly inviolable laws of the universe become altered based on the observer.
  • While we of course can't change reality through sheer force of will alone, we can use our brain to change how we process the world.
  • Brains are like single processors capable of devoting only a finite amount of resources to experiencing the world.


Everyone is different

Everyone is different

  • Obviously, there are people for whom this positivity come more naturally.
  • While we each have a happiness baseline that we fluctuate arround on a daily basis, with concerted effort, we can raise that baseline permanently so that even when we are going up and down, we are doing so at a higher level.



Happiness implies a positive mood in the present and a positive outlook for the future.



The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage

If success causes happiness, then every employee who gets a promotion, every student who receives an acceptance letter, everyone who has ever accomplished a goal of any kind should be happy. But with each victory, our goalposts of success keep getting pushed further and further out.

The formula is broken because it is backward. The relationship between success and happiness works the other way around; happiness is the precursor to success. Happiness, optimism and a positive mindset makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive, which drives performance upward.



The most successful people, the ones with the competitive edge, don’t look to happiness as some distant reward for their achievements; they are the ones who capitalize on the positive and reap the rewards at every turn.



"Happiness Advantage" by Shawn Achor posits that happiness leads to success, not the other way around. It provides strategies for maintaining positivity and increasing happiness to enhance performance and achieve success.


Happiness is not the belief that we don't need to change; it is the realization that we can.



5 key ideas

  1. Happiness is not just a mood - it's work ethic.
  2. By changing our reaction to every action, we can change our viewpoint to process the world.
  3. Try to scan for positive - You'll be able to experience happiness, gratitude, and optimism.
  4. Take Failure as an opportunity to grow.
  5. The most successful people, in work and in life, believe that their actions have a direct effect on their outcomes. 


#1: The Happiness Advantage

#1: The Happiness Advantage

We think the happiness equation looks like this

Work Hard -> Success -> Happiness

But in reality:

Happiness + Positive Mindset -> Success

'Waiting to be happy limits our brain potential for success, whereas cultivating positive positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative & productive which drives performance upward. '


Most People Get The Path to Happiness Backwards

Most people think that if they simply work harder, then they'll be more successful. And if they're more successful, then they'll also be happier. 

The problem is that this logic is scientifically broken and backward



What we found is that only 25% of job successes are predicted by IQ, 75% of job successes are predicted by your optimism levels, your social support, and your ability to see stress as a challenge instead of as a threat.



The Science-Backed Proof That More Success Won't Lead to Greater Levels of Happiness

Every time your brain has a success, you change the goalpost of what success looked like. You got 50 followers, now you want 100. You got 100, now you want 200.

So, if success is a prerequisite to happiness and the goalpost of success keeps moving, then your brain will never get there.


4 Ways to Get Happiness by Practicing Gratitude

Shawn Achor, happiness researcher and author of "The Happines Advantage", says the practice of gratitude at all ages can increase energy and sleep quality. Happiness doesn't have to depend on our genes or environment because being happy is a choice.


Think of three good things

Achor advises us to take two minutes a day to think about three new things we are grateful for and why. Better yet, we just write it all down so we can look back at it at the end of the week. "This will train your brain to be more optimistic," says Achor.


Send a thank you note

Achor advises us to write an email or message of praise and thanks to a different person every day. However, write in the form of a short message without too much ado. According to him, this way can change the level of happiness and our social relationships that have a good impact on health.


The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage

Success does not bring happiness but Happiness brings Success 😊


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