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“Future you” corner

The upper right corner is where you remind yourself of who you want to become or what you want to achieve. Research shows that the more you clarify and feel connected with your future self, the more you’re “willing to make choices today that may benefit [you] at some point in the years to come.” In this section, write “2021 [your name].” Then write down what you hope to become by the end of the year.




The most brilliant advice on how to manage yourself "Pause for five minutes at the end of every day and just think about what happened that day.” Every initiative could be evaluated using two columns: What worked and what didn’t work?

For example, maybe you folded your laundry while listening in on a Zoom seminar. This kept you from scrolling through Twitter, so you successfully paid attention to the meeting and ticked off a household chore. That worked. But maybe you also intended to hit 2,000 steps after lu...

The upper left corner is where you apply The Three Good Things — a count-your-blessing practice that can improve psychological we...

The one-page template consists of — you guessed it — four corners: gratitude, goal commitment, and a daily review (what went well and what didn’t). Here’s what it looks like for me:

It is easy for people to journal religiously — until they have a lot on their plate. When their days are quickly filled up with work, chores, exercise, and writing. With less time and energy, it becomes difficult for them to take the time to sit and reflect. Days, sometimes even weeks, would pass...

Some people have trouble fitting the task into thier daily schedule. Or maybe they want to journal but don’t know where the start. (Anyone else overwhelmed by the multitude of writing prompts out there? What are you grateful for? Did you learn something new about yourself? What does your futu...

Journaling doesn’t need to be fancy, complicated, or long-winded. What’s important is that it does the job and is done regularly. Find what works for you and feel yourself becoming closer to the person you want to become, one page at a time.



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