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Increasing Awareness

If we don’t stay aware of our life’s progression at the highest level, it is easy to lose either focus or flexibility. Progress doesn’t matter if it isn’t in the right direction.

  • Regular reviews are critical for improving awareness. 
  • Spend more time in reflective thought. By thinking about our own growth and other high-level issues more, we can increase our own awareness.

Accepting Growing Pains

  • Growing pains occur when the goals we set previously simply don’t reflect the higher level of consciousness we now have.
  • If we stubbornly keep our goals despite our change, growing pains results. We will feel incredibly unmotivated to work on our goals and will likely feel a whole host of negative emotions.
  • In these situations our focus stifles our ability to be flexible. We remain locked into our goals. By casting off these goals we can regain our flexibility. 

Do The Best You Can At The Time

Aiming for a perfect solution will likely delay the action we need to create any solution at all.

Just make the decision now. If you make a mistake, then quickly attempt to correct it.

Balancing Focus And Flexibility

Balancing Focus And Flexibility

Goal setting is an incredibly powerful tool for achieving results. However, goals can inadvertently lower our flexibility.

  • The first key to maintaining focus and flexibility is awareness
  • The second key to maintaining flexibility and focus is to accept growing pains.
  • The final key to maintaining flexibility and focus is to just do the best you can at the time.

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