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The love-hate relationship with rich characters

On one end, we tend to think we can aspire to have some of the nice lifestyles portrayed in the shows - the clothes, the cars, the houses. But we also hate people who can afford and waste things and be so careless about it.

Yet, it's just as easy for us to pretend to be something we're not when it comes to money. Even if we know we can't afford something, we can still use our credit card, even if we may struggle to pay it off, but we can certainly buy the item.

Why we feel invested in a television series

Why we feel invested in a television series

We tune into television series episode after episode because we've become invested in some or all of the character's lives. Marketers and psychologists measure this on the connectedness scale - the degree to which people think a series and its characters are real.

Even if the characters are rich and live in a 25 bedroom mansion while you live in a studio apartment, you can still connect to characters on a personal level and because you wish you lived a life like theirs.

Television shows open up taboo topics

We often discount the positive of watching how the characters in a television series use and waste money.

Money can be a taboo topic, but these forms of entertainment give us the opportunity to open up and discuss what we'd do in a similar situation.

Why we feel so captivated by the drama

Everyone loves to see wildly wealthy characters fail in a way because it shows their vulnerability. 

Displaying the weaknesses of the characters serve to connect them to audiences. People can identify easier with characters who make mistakes.

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