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Unlimited Capabilities Of The Brain

The wonders and capabilities of the brain are unlimited. Anything can be done with the right training and commitment. The brain is like a muscle, which grows almost infinitely when worked upon, at a cellular level.

Our memory, trained well, can help us remember almost anything.

Building A Memory Palace

Memory can be built and recalled easily by creating a physical visualization of objects and actions that we can easily remember.

For example, we can vividly visualize a room(inside our mind), and mentally place objects in that room in different corners, like a cow to remember buying milk, or a car with the gas tank leaking to remember to fill it up.

Memory And Location: The Method Of Loci

Memory And Location: The Method Of Loci

Our sense of sight aids our memory using location, placement, direction and other visual and space elements, something known as Spatial memory.

We automatically start to build spatial memories from a very young age, recollecting the layouts of places and how they relate to the physical objects around them.

How To Remember Numbers

The trick to remember a string of numbers is to create visuals and stories in pairs of two.

For example, the sequence 25784561 can be remembered as:

25: A mother and daughter talking.

78: A fat lady singing on the microphone

45: A guy riding a truck.

61: A girl standing at a train terminal.

The visuals may not make any sense, but creating vivid stories and memorable imagery in our minds helps us recall any amount of numbers with ease.

Creating Vivid And Complex Mental Images

  • To recall better, it helps to create vivid mental images spatially, emphasising the location and involving various senses.
  • This Memory Palace technique is scalable and helps us remember all kinds of information using visualization and imagination.

The trick is to place different kinds of objects at different locations so that we can easily recall them using localization and direction.

Strange And Absurd Images

The method of Loci works best when the information placed in the virtual space is unusual and strange. Weird imagery has a way to help to recall the specific information that we encode.

Constructing a memory palace is fun and helps us remember stuff we cannot write down. It makes us realize the importance of being mindful and being attentive towards life.

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