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The confusing self-care movement

The confusing self-care movement

There's a lot of chatter about "self-care". Between wellness and beauty companies promising to release feel-good endorphins with every product and being told to take more baths and learn to meditate, it can be confusing to determine what "you" time really should be—and shouldn't be. 

Self-care: an individualized experience

What benefits you mentally and physically may not be the same for your best friend or colleague or partner.

At the core of the self-care movement is the need to renew your spirit, to choose activities—or a complete lack thereof—that help you feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. Self-care is ultimately about taking a pause to do what you need to to be happier, calmer, and healthier.

Don't mistake self-care for overindulgence

Self-care isn't spending all our money on shopping therapy, having an extra drink because we 'deserve it' after a hard day, or taking too much time away from our responsibilities for an expensive spa day or trip.

When we make these excuses for ourselves, we aren't reaping the real benefits, since they provide instant gratification without a long-lasting impact.

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