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You win by loosing

There is a Truth that one do well to understand: 

Man does not “defeat” his opponents.

He becomes them.

This is the reason for parity in all domains. 

The man who plays in order to win, 

The man who plays in order to defeat another, 

Becomes subject to a torrent of anxiety and fear. 

A man who is under the spell of anxiety and fear cannot have a clear mind. 

The man who cannot have a clear mind cannot gain access to his talent.

Society is the enemy

Society is a man’s greatest enemy. 

Coaches and teachers are one’s greatest foes. 

Let a man go through his entire life and find but one man amongst the millions, who will tell him The Truth. 

The wise man burns his books, covers his ears, and blindfolds his eyes. 

For all that enters into him, from his home to the office are an endless series of lies.

The invention of "prize"

Imagine a time long ago,

When there was no such thing as a competition.

With no prizes to be won, man played the game for the game.

Playing the game for the game, all of his talents were available to him.

Then man became clever.

He decided to create something known as a “prize.”

It would be rewarded to the “winner” of the game.

This one-act set humanity spinning on a different course.

The game was never the same.

And the human was not either.

Prizes ended the purity of motion

What was once a game had now become something more. 

A fight for survival. 

A race to the finish. 

And suddenly, man’s talents drowned in an ocean of fear and anxiety. 

What was once innocent, became “competitive.” 

What was once pure, became “strategic.” 

The game was no longer about the game. 

The game was now about the prize. 

Fellow players were no longer fellow players. 

They now became “opponents.”

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