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Boldness is asking what you want. Bold people think what could happen when everything goes right. Intelligent people think what could happen when everything goes wrong; thus they make no attempt. That is why intelligent people often don't get successful.

Learn to ask for what you want. In a survey, 66% never asked for a salary raise, but the 70% who did got it.

Jen Cohen, goes to a restro, and asks for the ingredients she wants in her dish. She gets it bro.

Chase what you want; don't take what you get.


The 10% Target

This thing is for attempting something at least 10 times. Because this is 100% percent sure that you will succeed at least 1 time. Because at that 1 time, you either get what you want or you get something you never thought available. 

In those 10 times, you might fail 9 times but that is what makes you harder. Failing 90% of the times gives to two things: You get comfortable with failure, The resilience and skill to be comfortable.

So she wants you to write what you want most in your life, and give 10 attempts to it.

Boldness is a skill.


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