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Make Them Feel Like You "Get" Them

People want to be understood and accepted, so you want to be empathetic to them and their experiences as best as you can. Finding commonalities is key to developing emotional connections:

  • Don’t over-share or ask questions that are too personal.
  • Ask them how they feel about things or what they care about in life.
  • Drop the facades and show vulnerability.
  • Show humility, and try to be agreeable without going against your own beliefs.


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Questions to Ask Oneself For Being Inclusive

  • Have the humility to know that there’s much you don’t know about others’ experiences. 
  • Have the courage to ask difficult questions about your own leadership style.
  • How are you truly supporting women at work and in your life overall? 
  • Ask about the experiences of women...

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Empathy Mindset

Empathy Mindset

  • Listening: Ask questions in with the goal to understand.
  • Appreciation: Show sincere appreciation and celebration of others’ contributions.
  • Self-Awareness: Part of feeling what others feel is also about understanding your own biases and limiting beliefs.

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