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5. Find your Ikigai

5. Find your Ikigai

Find your unique purpose that gives meaning to your life and pushes you to give your best until the end. If you haven’t found your Ikigai.

1. Smile

1. Smile

It’s okay to see what’s wrong. But don’t forget the privilege of being here and now in this world full of possibilities. Always share a smile whenever you can.

2. Reconnect with nature

2. Reconnect with nature

We all are a part of this natural world, we should return to the nature by doing good deeds. We should do it regularly keep the cycle running.

4. Live the moment

4. Live the moment

Stop blaming the past and fearing the future. All you have is today. Make the most out of it. Make it worth remembering.

3. Be thankful

3. Be thankful

Take a moment of the day to say thank you, and you will increase your flow of happiness.

Hector Garcia

“Only things that are imperfect, incomplete, and ephemeral can truly be beautiful because only those things resemble the natural world.”


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