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Explore-How Can We Discern The Trivial Many From the Vital Few?

Explore-How Can We Discern The Trivial Many From the Vital Few?

To understand what you need to focus on, you need to filter the essential facts, options, and opinions from the nonessential. You will have to pay attention to what is not being said, ie. the information you do not have, and the various details that show you different perspectives of the same situation to gain a more objective understanding of your situation.

GREGORY mckeown

"Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter."


Essence - What is the core mind-set of an Essientialist?

You have the power to choose what you want to do. No matter how stuck in a situation you feel, no matter how little control you have over your options, you always have the control over how you choose what to do. When you do not embrace the power to choose, you are actually surrendering the power for someone else to choose for you.

Gregory mckeown

"Only with real clarity of purpose can people, teams, and organizations fully mobilize and achieve something truly excellent."


GREGORY mckeown

"Essentialists accept the reality that we can never fully anticipate or prepare for every scenario or eventuality; the future is simply too unpredictable. Instead, they build in buffers to reduce the friction caused by the unexpected."


Eliminate-How Can We Cut Out The Trivial Many?

Eliminate-How Can We Cut Out The Trivial Many?

A high level of clarity about what your team stands for, what their goals and roles are is necessary for you to consistently work towards achieving them. A lack of clarity, on the other hand, leads to confusion, stress, and frustration.


"It's critical to set aside time to take a breath, look around, and think. You need that level of clarity in order to innovate and grow."


GREGORY mckeown

"The overwhelming reality is: we live in a world where almost everything is worthless and a very few things are exceptionally valuable."


How Can You Make Doing The Few Vital Things Almost Effortless?

We live in an unpredictable world where we constantly face the unexpected. Dealing with problems that keep cropping up will keep you distracted and busy. You will not be able to function as productively and efficiently as normal. 

The present is in your control. Work hard at what you can do right now and you will get the results you desire.

The Essientialist

Many of us stretch ourselves too thin trying to take on more work than we can handle. We say yes to requests before really thinking about it, we commit to doing things simply to please or to avoid trouble, etc. However, this can cause us to feel overworked, busy and stressed. More importantly, fulfilling all the requests of others means we won’t have much time to spend on working towards our own goals.

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