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Questions to ask yourself of a prospective employer

  • Does the company value your time? Recruiters may prioritise their own time and have no care for your time.
  • Are their expectations reasonable? If the application feels like a second job, the companies' expectations may be over the top.
  • What do they do with your ideas? Instead of feeding a company your valuable ideas for free, a better solution may be to solve a previously solved problem or critique an existing solution.
  • How clear is their communication?


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Your True Value

Showcase your value to the employer by providing the skills and traits which are relevant for the profile. This may include the previous solo projects you have undertaken, or if you have managed a team remotely. You can also provide a glimpse of your communication and time management skills.


Questions to ask a mentor

To save the time of both of you, consider asking your mentor these questions:

  • Thinking back to when you were just getting started, what parts of your skill were the most frustrating to learn?
  • Which of those do you use on a daily/weekly basis, and which have you forgotten?

How to develop resourcefulness

To develop your resourcefulness, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you solve your problems in the easiest way you can or do you take the time to figure out a solution?
  2. How can you reach your desired result for the problem?

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