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Making Time "Slow Down"

Making Time "Slow Down"

  1. Switch up your daily routine! Any small changes can make time "feel" longer. It doesn't have to be expensive or time intensive.
  2. Go out and do something safely. Maybe visit your friends, talk to your neighbor, or even travel.
  3. If you have goals, make small steps to achieve them. Break them down into actionable pieces.
  4. Actively notice new things.
  5. Being present makes time feel slower, so try meditating!
  6. Keep track of the passing days with a diary or a journal, you can even take photos and stick them in there.
  7. Cut yourself some slack and be kind to yourself.

Time Going Too Fast

Having routinary days for months on end will eventually make time feel like it's slipping through our fingers.

As Marc Wittman, psychologist and time researcher said, "routine kills our memory for respective intervals". New experiences make indents in our memories thus giving us the perception of lengthened time.

When nothing meaningful happens to us our brains don't have anything for it to record.

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