When Not to Take a Break

When you are in a state of “flow” it is not good to take a break.

“Flow” is characterized by complete absorption in the task, seemingly effortless concentration, and pleasure in the task itself.

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Why You Should Take Breaks
  • “Movement breaks” are essential for your physical and emotional health. A 5-minute walkabout break every hour can improve your health and well-being.
  • Breaks can prevent “decision fatigue. Decision fatigue can lead to simplistic decision-making and procrastination.
  • Breaks restore motivation, especially for long-term goals. "Deactivating and reactivating your goals allows you to stay focused."
  • Breaks increase productivity and creativity. It refreshes the mind, replenishes your mental resources, and helps you become more creative.
  • “Waking rest” helps consolidate memories and improve learning. During a rest period, it appears that the brain reviews and ingrains what it previously learned.
  1. Walk or exercise.
  2. Connect with nature...or a streetscape.
  3. Change your environment.
  4. Have lunch or a healthy snack.
  5. Take a “power nap”.
  6. Take a few deep breaths.
  7. Daydream.
  8. Get creative like drawing or even doodling.
  9. Drink coffee (or tea). Sipping coffee can be a mindful pleasure in itself.

A “good break” will give that goal-oriented Prefrontal Cortex of yours a good rest by switching brain activity to another area.

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Taking good breaks

This is important for your daily productivity. Good breaks can leave us feeling refreshed and energized. It can reduce mental fatigue, boost brain function and keep us on-task for extended periods.

The wrong sort of breaks might make us more vulnerable to boredom and make us want to take breaks more often. It can leave us depleted and drained. 

Research Reveals How to Take a Better Break


Breaks keep us from getting bored

The human brain just wasn’t built for the extended focus we ask of it these days.

The fix for this unfocused condition is simple—all we need is a brief interruption (aka a break) to get back on track.

The Science of Breaks at Work: Change Your Thinking About Downtime


recent Apple ad celebrated entrepreneurs working so hard, they’re not able to see their children.

This style of working is unsustainable. We physically can’t work at 100% capacity, 100% of the time. We need breaks. 

You're Taking Breaks The Wrong Way, Here's How To Fix That


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