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People like us do things like this

People like us do things like this

We like doing what other people are doing. That's why culture works. But not all people. Our people. We are in sync with our tribe. Who's job is to tell people how to be in sync? Yours. 

Marketing today can be summed up as "People like us do things like this". We just have to figure out:

  • who the people like us are and ... 
  • how to invent a product, a culture, a movement for those people.


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Why People Like Us

There are several reasons that can make people like us:

  1. Physical attractiveness: we like good looking individuals
  2. Similarity: we like people who are like us
  3. Compliments: we like people who praise us
  4. Cont...

“People like me aren’t good at this”

While our identities can give us a sense of meaning and a place in the world, sometimes they can get in our way when we’re attempting new things: many of us will avoid doing anything that threatens our sense of self.

How to outsmart it: Find people like you, that are doing the...

The People Around Us Shape Us

The People Around Us Shape Us

Right from childhood, the people we interact with and spend time with are rewiring and shaping our brains at a neurological level.

Slowly and slowly, our brain is ‘pruned’ and tuned according to the people who are with us, like our family, friends, neighbours and even strangers.

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