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Money Education Will Change Your Financial Future

Money Education Will Change Your Financial Future

If there was ever a time in history to understand the basics of the financial system it’s right now. Money is being thrown around all over the place.

The way money works is not hard to understand and you don’t need a financial degree from a prestigious university to get it. Once you understand money you get a chance to take advantage of the wealth transfer.


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Your Psychology

Many investors think they are invincible at the moment. They’re high on their own ego. They can’t see reality hidden amongst all the false data that tries to say “we’re fine” while unemployment and bankrupt businesses act as a burning backdrop.

How you think determines your...


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Content Creation as a Job

Each of you has the ability to exploit your knowledge worker ability and create content. Everyday events have enormous value when they are released as content in the form of writing, videos, audio or images.

Content is how you attract ideas and people into your life.


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The Way You Make Your Money

A wealth transfer happens when you understand diversification.

Diversification protects you. The trouble is many of you don’t take the idea of diversification and apply it to earn a living. You bet your future on a single company to make a direct deposit into your bank acco...


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Copywriter in advertising

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Improving your financial IQ

It takes time to learn and improve your financial IQ, but it is certainly not that hard.

  • Once you have a saving plan in place and your accounts open, you don't want to jump into investing as you risk making beginner mistakes.
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You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor

  • A financial advisor’s compensation is rarely if ever tied to your success. The majority of their income is based upon the amount they get you to invest.
  • You will pay a fee to your chosen fund plus a fee to the financial advisor.
  • You Might Not Get The B...

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