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Practice Meditation

Practice Meditation

This may allow your mind to let go of interrupting thoughts and get centered on one thing. Consider sitting quietly in a place for three to five minutes a day. Close your eyes and count to 34. This may be difficult at the beginning since the mind tends to wander to other thoughts that could prevent you from getting to 34. Letting go of that thought without self-judgement and counting again can help get you back on track. Notice any feelings or sensations while doing this exercise. This is a harder task than it may seem, so take your time and  practice meditation for a small time at the start. 


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  1. Begin this practice as you have the others, sitting comfortably yet alert. Anchor on your breath and focus on breath-related sensations.
  2. Now shift to bringing a sense of yourself into your mind, at this very moment in your life.

Simple 20 Minutes Meditation

Simple 20 Minutes Meditation

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Close your eyes or stare at the ground a few feet away from you.
  • Rest your hands on your thighs.
  • Focus your attention on the area a few fingers below your navel.
  • Take a smooth, slow breath in and count each inhale and exhale, from one to ten a...

Let Your Mind Wander

Studies show that letting your mind wander activates it. It makes you more productive and goal-oriented, as you have provided your mind with some space, to play around and grow.

If you are sitting, you will automatically pick up your phone (or iPad), so a better way is to go...

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