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Creating Good Habits

Creating Good Habits

  1. Start Strongly – start with a strong WHY
  2. Set Yourself Up to Succeed – eliminate distractions
  3. Think Addition, Not Subtraction – focus on what you will get not what you lose.
  4. Make a Public Commitment 
  5. Find a Success Buddy –a friend or a coach
  6. Set up Some Competition – compare the results with yesterday's progress
  7. Celebrate – training your brain is much like training a dog so don’t underestimate the power of small, simple rewards for good behavior.


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A learner who loves to share wisdom on personal growth, happiness, and success on Deepstash. Topics include motivation, habits, goals, and mindset. Believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right attitude and action.

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Techniques for Installing Good Habits

  • Set yourself up to succeed. Any new habit has to work inside your life and lifestyle.
  • Think addition, not subtraction. Think what you can choose to “add in” so you can enrich your life experience.
  • Go for a Public Display of Account...

Write a contract

Write an informal contract will help achieve goals and form new habits. Put up some money, say $50, and if you succeed, you get your money back; if you fail, then your friend donates the $50 to a charity of your choice.

It works like Commitment devices. It changes thi...

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