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  • Identify the influence of media and information on your life. Identify ways to protect it from the negative and fill it with positive information.
  • Evaluate your current associations. Which must you stop or limit? How will you expand your (good) associations?
  • Pick an accountable partner and decide when, how often, what to and how you’ll hold each other accountable.
  • Identify three areas of life you are most focused on improving. Find and engage a mentor in each area of those areas.


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A learner who loves to share wisdom on personal growth, happiness, and success on Deepstash. Topics include motivation, habits, goals, and mindset. Believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right attitude and action.

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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

Learn more about personaldevelopment with this collection

Strategies for promoting inclusivity

How to address unconscious bias

How to create a diverse and inclusive workplace

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