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Stay Calm And Collected

Stay Calm And Collected

Something just happened that didn’t work out as you had expected, and now you’re feeling miserably disappointed. It’s okay. Let’s just stay calm and collected. Accept that disappointment is only a temporary condition that results from how you have chosen to interpret this experience.

In other words, your perspective of the situation is what’s making you feel disappointed. Another person in your shoes might actually feel very different about what just happened. Let’s therefore not jump to conclusions. Let’s instead assume that things might just not be as bad as you make them out to be.



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Deliberately avoid people that always have something negative to say. Limit the people you share your hurt with.

You don’t want someone reminding you about all the other opportunities that didn’t work out in a moment like this. Be conscious of the things you allow to get into your head and...

You need to understand that disappointment is temporary, you feel bad only till the time you have negative feelings about any situation.

Like you tried doing something but it didn’t happen the way you wanted it to be, so the feeling of disappointment occurs, but you need to learn from that ...

At the time of disappointment ask yourself a good question positive question which distracts you and makes you feel good.

Try to be focused on something good to avoid bad, instead of analyzing that situation or person in a bad way.

Try to remember good things about a particular pers...

Ask yourself how you deal with anxiety? Is it a time for you to take a vacation, go see a movie or would you rather have people over? If you haven’t figured it out prior to now, that’s also fine.

Try a number of activities and take note of those you really enjoy. It could be biking, swimmi...

Handling disappointments can be quite tricky. Sometimes, you get used to the seemingly little ones, and then you have a major setback that makes it seem as though they all piled up somewhere and at that moment, it feels like nothing ever worked.

You held high expectations that something wou...

Now that you have learned from your experience, there is a need to make new rules. For instance, you can start choosing friends wisely, change your spending habits, and have boundaries in the next relationship. However, this may cost you friends, family, or even business associates.


The fifth step of this process requires that you modify your expectations and objectives. When you modify your expectations, you begin to see things more clearly and rationally. This will likewise help you to alter your objectives.

It’s very possible that you initially aimed a little too h...

For instance , you can use your favorite quotes, read stories from other people who have failed before, or create journals that encourage you. Pick something that distracts you from the pain.

For instance , you can use your favorite quotes, read stories from other people who have failed bef...

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Control your Reaction and Responses

Optimist sees an unfortunate event, something that is limited in time.

pessimist, on the other hand, sees negative events as permanent, as part of life and destiny.

( So, when you find yourself in this situation, take a ...




Disappointment As Part of Life

Disappointment is a part of life that comes up when hopes or expectations aren’t met. All of us feel disappointment at times in our relationships, in other people, and in ourselves. It’s not an easy feeling to sit with, but there are healthy (and unhealthy) ways to cope with this...




We can ask ourselves five questions when faced with disappointment, that will help us to cope better with it:

  1. Why am I disappointed?
  2. What could I have done to prevent it?
  3. How will I perceive this disappointment in five years?
  4. When I look back after five yea...