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Rage Quitting

Rage Quitting, the act of leaving your job in anger is a fantasy of many who are sick of workplace issues like micromanagement, abusive seniors and exploitative working conditions.

The pandemic has increased the stressful conditions of employees, and given rise to the great resignation of 2021, where millions of people quit their jobs, some in piled-up rage.


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Death Anxiety

The pandemic has made people open their eyes to the fact that their jobs can kill them, and how little the employers care for the safety of their lives. The ill-treatment had always existed, but the employees had their eyes closed before, apparently.


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Rage Quitting: The Truth

  • Many people who are extremely angry and frustrated towards their soul-crushing jobs are not quitting in rage, due to not having anything to fall back to.
  • Rage-quitting also puts the final pay cheque in limbo, and it is the employee who ultimately stands to lose.
  • Rage quitting...


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Reasons Of Rage Quitting

  1. Abusive supervision gives rise to emotional exhaustion.
  2. Lack of employee safety and dangerous working conditions.
  3. Employers switching schedules without notice and creating avoidable difficulties and complications, due to a lack of care and empathy towards the staff.
  4. W...


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Knowing Your Worth

Higher educated people, people at highly skilled jobs and millennials are more likely to quit in rage, as they may have a safe landing zone. They are the ones who impact the employers the most. 

People in low-paying, laborious and repetitive jobs often quit in rage but are not noticed as th...


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  • The pandemic caused the great resignation of 2021, a huge spike in people leaving their present jobs.
  • The idea that we are in a job for life and the social stigma that people who quit have to experience are both obsolete ways of thinking.
  • People without a ...

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