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Learning A Foreign Language

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Learning A Foreign Language

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  • Repeat the work that gains you knowledge,money ,etc
  • Repeat the habit that makes you healthy
  • Repeat the Things that make you feel complete
  • Repeat the task that values you the most
  • Repeat such processes that decides your future /desires you want to be in future.


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  1. Environment: Our environment is the most important factor that cultivates our thoughts and habits into good or bad.It decides the actions of the present for our future.
  2. Ones Own gut: Your own gut is key to make you start a task that is useful in future but boring or hard at the prese...


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Time Management??

Time Management??

Time management is important but it is not worth if we don't practice the process of Repetition.

When you get really focused,trust me you never check your time .


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Brain is the most powerful organ that helps in managing the tasks.

Control your brain or else procastination controls your brain.

As we know ,Perfection comes from Practice,

But practice comes from Repetitions.yes that's the truth.


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Fear Procastination

Fear Procastination

Procastination is a mental problem in our daily lives because of the technologies we hold in our hands right now .

The funny thing is we are reading this article In the same technology that make us more procastinate .

Be afraid of Procastination

Try to run away from it



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Run Along Repetition

Do not run for productivity and efficiency at the start,until you are not fulfilled with the desire to start your task .

It may be hard in the start , but you only knew it's worth in the future ,take such tasks and just repeat it until you make it your daily Routine.


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Perfection comes running behind once we attain the super power of Repetition process.

There are no steps for better time management.They come after we have achieved the process something called Repeating.(a task or anything)


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