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How To Stop Wasting Time

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How To Stop Wasting Time

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The Best To-Do List is One you Make with a Schedule Builder

The Best To-Do List is One you Make with a Schedule Builder

Upgrade your life OS and build a weekly schedule instead. An effective approach is “setting an implementation intention,” a fancy term for deciding what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it.

Plan in advance how you intend to spend your time to know your tractions and distractions that way and even have time for yourself and others while affirming your self-image.


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Checkboxes need Promises

Checkboxes need Promises

A new phone and repeated Operating System crashes is similar to a To-Do LIST (TDL) in your life.

To-Do lists compel you to make promises of tasks that have to be done by dawn, making the undone tasks seem larger in size and longer in time. This repeats, often a cycle leaving the fe...


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Broken OS? My Life?

Broken OS? My Life?

Time management practices, like any tool comes down to how it's used. A hammer can be used to build a house or bash someone’s head. With using to-do lists, getting tasks onto a piece of paper, or into an app, is a good thing. You start the workday with your to-do list, checking ...


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I love my TDL!

I love my TDL!

TDL in life is like running it on Windown 95. We need to shed the stress and toxic guilt of not checking off boxes.

You'll find using schedule builders to make a weekly timeboxed calendar instead of relying on a to-do list is the right way to go. But why?

  1. To-Do L...


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I'll do it tomorrow, it's fine.

I'll do it tomorrow, it's fine.

Having constant reminders of what you didn't do, cements a self-stereotype. You'll start to see yourself differently, for weeks or months.

Don't stick to the cycle of "I'll finish it tomorrow, what's one more day?". The narrative will slowly change from , from"


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To-Do Lists Perpetuate Harmful Self-Stereotypes

To-Do Lists Perpetuate Harmful Self-Stereotypes

Isn't it easier to add things to your TDL than to actually do them?

Not finishing them, we'd blame ourselves and our inability. But this negative self-talk reinforced a kind of stereotype that makes it less likely to accomplish goals.

Long-term adherence to a new set of actio...


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Let's do This Instead!

Let's do This Instead!

TDL's allow us to get distracted by easy or urgent tasks at the expense of important work. 

Not giving enough time to our important tasks, we justify it by telling ourselves “there isn’t enough time left anyway,” or “I’m not in the mood,” or “I’ll defi...


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To-Do Lists Lead to Distraction?

To-Do Lists Lead to Distraction?

The opposite of 'distraction' is not focus, it's 'traction', and both are actions we decide to take and not things that happen to us. 

We cannot call something a distraction unless we know what it is distracting us from. 

If you knew you had ...


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To-Do Lists Destroy the Fun in Life

To-Do Lists Destroy the Fun in Life

TDL's honestly occupy our minds like a hostile army, stressing us out and unfinished tasks invade thoughts and leisure time.

Some studies and their conclusions:

  1. Thinking about what we “should” be doing, can kill the enjoyment of life’s important pleasures.


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Make the Switch

Make the Switch

Try to have as programmed a day as you possibly can. You have the same 24 hours in the day as me. 

Keeping a schedule makes it possible to devote your precious hours to the things that matter most to you.

We can all upgrade our life operating systems and learn better ways of ge...


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Neuropsychology and Employees |Understanding passions and habits

I swear by To-Do Lists on my Post-Its, only to realize I plan more than I can execute. Keep it time-bound and task-oriented, rather than a list of checkboxes.

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If you want to stop the tyranny of the to-do list, you must break the habit of letting your list tell you what to do. Build a weekly schedule instead. For example, study from 2-4 pm, exercise from 4-6 pm, work from 6-9 pm, work on the to-do list from 9-10 pm.

    When do you want it?

    Give yourself a specific time frame.

    Deciding in advance when you will do what you say you will is called setting an implementation intention , and studies have found that it’s a critical step in accomplishing your goals. To ...

    Make use of a schedule maker

    A schedule maker is a tool for building a weekly template for how you plan to spend your time. With a weekly schedule, you'll always know the difference between traction and distraction.

    Time is a valuable asset. One way to guard our time is to use a schedule maker. Using ...


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