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Natural Fake Authority

But how far this chain of mutual relationship can be traced back? Simply, if those things declare their own fake authority, then it's time to cut out their relationship to us.

  • How to detect their fake authorithy? Simply by testing for ourselves to stay outside current authority. If we can do it then it's fake authority.


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Validating chain reaction ...

Validating chain reaction ...

How far we can validate the chain of reaction?

I am not going to discuss in term of morality, based on religion or any other community. But asserting it naturally.

For example, she helped them, they helped another one, and another one helped me. How do we measure that some of them m...


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Seeing as Function

We have to see things as function. A function may run properly because of all parts of a function are in good shape, perfectly settled.

A bicycl e goes a long the street. This bicycle is a function called "bicycle" a main function as t...


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Simplicity of Measuring Dependency

There are many ways to measure the level of dependency, but i am going to assert one condition that definitely states definite dependency. It's dependency through authority.

  • No matter how smart we are, how strong we are, no matter how high our independency while resea...


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Fake Authority for Humanity

But there is one other thing to validate a fake authority for humanity. Arrogancy. Once someone authority is established through arrogancy, it’s time we have to cut out the link to arrogancy. Why? Because our arrogancy is always a fake arrogancy, since we need others .


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Mutual Relationship

An active property (another function) of a function helping main function working properly. Now this active property maybe credited as giving beneficial.

Shutting down one of working property will degrade a main function less than as it should be.

This asserts mutual relatio...


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Level of Dependency

But yes, we may value the level of mutual relationship to see how important of a thing inside a function.

Through seeing from different perspectives we can see the level of priority of the thing to determine how important one property to another property to be working simultaneously for a ...


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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured

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