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Straightening preferences

Straightening preferences

Before deciding on how to create a hybrid work schedule for when you'll work from home and at the office you must consider the tasks that you'd prefer doing in the office, such as project meetings that are best done in person.

Moreover, don't limit yourself to one schedule only and insted flex your preferences over time. 


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More Companies Going Flexi

More Companies Going Flexi

Many organizations are implementing more flexible schedule policies because they see the benefits of allowing their staff to work from home.

  • Concentrate on work outcomes and deadlines
  • Invest in better training and tracking tools.
  • Hold one-on-one meetings regularly

The pandemic unleashed unprecedented levels of change

The pandemic unleashed unprecedented levels of change

Organizations have implemented changes that once felt impossibly far off:

  • Working from home: While the pandemic upended many jobs that could be done only in person, managers learned that many other roles could be done very effectively from home.
  • Teachin...

Hesitant about sharing responsibilites

Consider why you prefer to get work done separately. Usual justifications could be:

  • "I'm confident that I can do the work better than others."
  • I'll end up picking up the slack and doing it all myself anyway."


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