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How to Set a Hybrid Work Schedule That Works for You

How to Set a Hybrid Work Schedule That Works for You

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Straightening preferences

Straightening preferences

Before deciding on how to create a hybrid work schedule for when you'll work from home and at the office you must consider the tasks that you'd prefer doing in the office, such as project meetings that are best done in person.

Moreover, don't limit yourself to one schedule only and insted flex your preferences over time. 


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Maximizing team productivity

Maximizing team productivity

In order to maximize team productivity you must identify what interactions are effective in person and virtually.

By knowing your teammates' preferences, you'll be able to better comprehend and respond appropriately for planning in-office days that align with them and what you could need them for. 


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Maximizing your own productivity

Maximizing your own productivity

In order to manage your productivity, you must first understand how to manage your energy. Don't overbook yourself with meetings so much that you feel like you're drowning in work.

Remote work can affect our motivation levels but with the rise of hybrid working times, having in-office time will pump up the times that we feel unmotivated.


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