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Unity : At physical level, all we see is physical differences. When we develop a spiritual consciousness, we experience that the same Light of God is within each person.


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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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Understanding the concept of the self

The importance of living in the present moment

The illusion of control

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Trying To Define Consciousness

  1. The consciousness can be entirely physical, a product of the brain.
  2. It is an independent, unique entity, a special feature of physical reality, and can be a different reality in itself.
  3. Everything that exists has some form of ‘proto-consciousness’, or varying levels of con...

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Electrical activity doesn't explain how a physical substance can create non-physical condition like consciousness. Religions explain consciousness as a gift from God, embedded into our bodies to guide us through this world.

Scientists veer more towards biological origins - they see consciou...

Characteristics of Eros

Characteristics of Eros

All-Consuming: Lovers in Eros often focus intensely on each other, sometimes to the exclusion of the world around them.

Transcends Physical Attraction: Though it involves physical desire, Eros also emphasizes emotional and spiritual connection.


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