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<p><strong>Only when we tap in...

Only when we tap into our spiritual consciousness, do we experience all-consciousness, love, peace, unity, bliss and freedom from fear, writes SANT Rajinder Singh


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What is Spiritual Consciousness?

Spiritual consciousness is to be conscious of the soul and God within us. Most of us are aware of our body, of the thoughts passing through our mind, and the world around us. This is called body consciousness or physical consciousness. But we are much more than our body and mind. We are actually a soul, a conscious entity which inhabits the body.


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Qualities of Spiritual Consciousness

Love : Anyone who has experienced spiritual consciousness has spoken of divine love. The love we think of as love is but a reflection of a much higher love. It is an all-embracing, fulfilling, satisfying love that pulls close to its heart all that exists. It embraces each of us equally, and is an unconditional love — one that does not see our outer differences.


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All-Consciousness : Another aspect of spiritual consciousness is that of all-consciousness or wisdom. God is all-knowing, all-aware. God is also able to simultaneously know what is happening to each of us at every second at the same time. When we tap into that spiritual consciousness, we too attain access to all-consciousness.


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Freedom from Fear : What is it that most of us fear the most? Most people fear death. They think of death as the end of their existence. Little do people realise that death is just a transition from this physical world to another realm of existence. It is only by raising our consciousness to a spiritual level that we discover that we exist at the level of the soul even without the physical body.


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Peace : In this world, we are faced with much turmoil, conflict, pain, disease, and suffering. Few live out life without passing through moments of stress and pain. But in the spiritual realms within, all is peace.


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Unity : At physical level, all we see is physical differences. When we develop a spiritual consciousness, we experience that the same Light of God is within each person.


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Bliss : Bliss is a state of pure ecstasy and joy. Any happiness we experience in this world is only a fraction of the joy we experience when we merge in the ocean of spiritual consciousness. There are no adequate words to describe the bliss. We can only imagine at our level what it is like to multiply our greatest bliss by a million-fold.


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