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3. Flashcards

It is a best tool to study,memorize and prepare for your exams.There are 1000+ cards are free to use,you can learn from it which is created by other students or users of their app.Even you can create your own card and use it effectively.You can start improving your learning from today itself by using Flashcards.

4. XMind

It is simply one of the best app of brainstorming and mind mapping. It is beautiful and easy to use app. Student's and teachers are using this app to organise notes,prepare lessons and making the plan for the new term of examination.In simply,you can use it for greater benefits.



MORE IDEAS FROM 5 best apps to study effectively

Apps Which Make Your Study Effective

1. School Planner

Let's start with something that every student want some schedule planner. School Planner is one of the most amazing scheduling app to make your study more effective. It is available for most of the mobile platforms. This app allows you to track your study timetable, exams and even more. There is no more use of paper diary, you can install it now on clicking on image.




5. Photomath

This is one of the best app which will help you in your maths problems. You can learn math, check your homeworks or even you can study for the upcoming tests. Photomath have covered each and everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. It is free to use and they have given step by step explanations to you. Even you can use the paid version of Wolfram Alpha which is also best app. It is the ultimate tool to get your answers. To open it you have to pay Rs.250 in Indian Currency.



2. Evernote

Once you have scheduled your plan, now ofcourse the note making. By using Evernote you can make your notes, manage daily tasks and organise to-do lists. Evernote allows you to brighten up your notes with audio recordings, links, attachments and more, making your study notes noticed an interactive media spectacle. It is one of the best app to make your study effective.



Deepstash helps you become inspired, wiser and productive, through bite-sized ideas from the best articles, books and videos out there.



What is the best effective way to study?

As you think of concentrating on ways, that are appropriate for you, consider the tips given below:

1. Be prepared

Prepare yourself for tomorrow lectures and be good listener in class when teachers were teaching you. Pack your bag in night only so that you do not get late in Morning. Because if you will get late, you will scold by the teachers and your day will be ruined. Always wake up early in the morning, review the notes which you have prepared in evening, so that if any teacher ask you question you can answer it confidently.



Top 10 Apps For High School Students 2021

Studying for your GCSEs or A Levels can sometimes be stressful and even a little overwhelming - but not to worry! Luckily there are tons of apps out there to get you organised, keep you motivated and on track to reach your academic goals with ease. 

Hit the ground running by using the best that the tech world has to offer. If you’re organised early on, you’re much more likely to create a clear study plan and actually stick to it!

To save you some time, below we’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the top 10 studying apps to help keep you in tip-top study shape! 




The Outline method

It requires you to structure your notes in form of an outline by using bullet points to represent different topics and their subtopics. 

Start writing main topics on the far left of the page and add related subtopic in bullet points below using indents.