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Being honest

Being honest

The last person you should ever have to censor yourself with is the person you love.

It’s important to make something more important in your relationship than merely making each other feel good all of the time. The feel-good stuff happens when you get the other stuff right.


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Father, Husband, Friend.

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2. Let your lover change you

Plato says: "True love is admiration." 

  • The person you get together with should have very good qualities that you yourself lack.  
  • By getting close to this person, you can become a little like they are. 
  • The right person for us helps us grow to our full potenti...

The soulmate mindset

The soulmate mindset is the idea that love is effortless when you find the right person.

Love is something that happens to you, and if it feels like work, then you're with the wrong person. This is what brings unrealistic expectations into a relationship.

Being A Pro

It means making time for what matters to you and having the discipline to commit to what is important to you instead of merely saying something is important to you.

It's about starting when you feel like stopping because your goal is important enough to you that you don't simply work...

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