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If you are unhappy

If you are unhappy

... you have 2 options:

  • You can complain about it and hope it magically changes.
  • You can set out to make a change.

If you are unhappy you owe it to yourself to make a change -- life is too short to delay any longer.


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Wanting to get away from the unhappiness doesn’t make it better. It usually just prolongs the pain.

Instead, tell yourself that it’s OK to feel unhappy. Pause and allow yourself to feel it, to fully immerse in that unhappiness. Be curious about it, explore it, become intimate with it...

Never Complain, Never Explain - Day 99

"Don't allow yourself to be heard any longer griping about public life, not even with your own ears!" - Marcus Aurelius

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Tips for dealing with complainers long-term

You can't change somebody's behaviour, but you can control how you handle them over time.

  • Don't ever tell them that things "aren't so bad" as this gives the message that you're not taking their pain seriously.
  • Don't ever complain about the complainer...

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