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Giving for the sake of giving

You may find that by helping people to move their own needle, yours moves forward as well.

Don't think before doing something nice for someone about whether the favor will be returned.


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The link between gratitude and self-control

Gratitude encourages people to repay debts. The more gratitude people feel toward those who have helped them, the more diligently they will work to return the favour.

When you want to repay someone you have to forgo your own immediate needs in service of someone else. This ac...

The 4 barriers for Organisational Knowledge Management

The 4 barriers for Organisational Knowledge Management

  1. The Supplier is Unwilling to share. He or she feels they will lose something (power, job security, reputation) if they give their knowledge away. 
  2. The User is Unwilling to learn. The unwilling user is afflicted by Not Invented Here (NIH) syndrome, fe...

#7: The Law Of Defensiveness

#7: The Law Of Defensiveness

In this competitive world we must look after ourselves first. We all think of ourselves as autonomous, intelligent and good people: “I am acting out of my own free will. I am intelligent in my own way. I am basically good and decent”. We hate being critic...

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